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Other Learning Paths Offered

Online Classes

Our online classes offer a flexible and convenient way to learn the art of barbering. These courses are designed for those who prefer learning from the comfort of their home while managing their personal and professional commitments. Our online curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including modern and classic haircuts, beard grooming, and professional barbering techniques. With experienced instructors and comprehensive online resources, students can develop their skills at their own pace, ensuring a thorough and adaptable learning experience.

Evening classes

Alberta Barber Academy’s evening classes are an excellent solution for those who have daytime commitments but are eager to pursue a career in barbering. These classes are structured to provide the same comprehensive training as our daytime courses, offering flexibility for working individuals or those with family obligations. Our evening sessions cover all key aspects of barbering, ensuring that students receive a full learning experience tailored to their unique schedules. This option exemplifies our commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of our students.

Apprentice Barber Prep Course

The Apprenticeship Journeyperson Prep Program is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive support for barbers, whether they are novices or seasoned professionals, in both the application and preparation phases of their board exams. This program is uniquely tailored to the individual barber, with training and application strategies crafted around their specific needs.

The key feature of this program lies in its adaptability to your schedule and requirements. It is structured to allow flexibility, ensuring that you can seamlessly integrate the training into your routine. The program is adept at honing in on individual weaknesses, providing targeted training to fortify those areas and better prepare you for the conclusive step in your journey – achieving the status of a Journey ticketed barber.


Alberta Barber Academy offers a range of specialized workshops, including the “Art of Shaving,” “Art of Fading,” “Art of Air Brushing,” “Art of Advanced Barbering,” and “Art of Afro Technique.” These intensive courses range from one day to five days, with practical in-person learning. Each workshop is designed to master specific skills, like straight shaving, fading, airbrushing, and handling Afro-textured hair, with some including tool kits. These workshops are available monthly, providing hands-on experience and expert instruction to enhance your barbering skills.


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